Tax Day Sale!

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I've missed a few posts, so, let's get caught up shall we?

Tax Day Sale

April 15th is tax day in the United States. So, to help scrape together a few coins for our tribute, We're having a sale on out whole catalog! That includes new products! Everything is 20%; meaning, if you wanted to buy everything we have, it's under $13. Make sure to visit our DriveThruRPG page for the deals.

Black Sheep NPC Codex Vol 1-2

"After all, the wool of the Black Sheep is just as warm" - Ernest Lehman

Black Sheep NPC Codex Provide 6 NPCs with brief backstories for use in any Pathfinder Role Playing Game. What makes the Black Sheep interesting is that they play against their normal type.

* 6 NPCs for any Pathfinder RPG

* 6 boons, to reward players with



Look who's back! Back again!

Greetings Epic Level NPCs!

We've released our second book!

Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon Vol. 2: Fiends brings magic to the people with the help of Pathfinder Role Playing Game's Occult Adventures. Now, non-spellcasters can bring magic to unholy life given time, skill, and the proper equipment. Inside this book, you will find twelve Occult Rituals, which any player class can use to cast spells. These rituals are thematically linked to the Necronomicon, Fiendish Summoned Power. Each ritual has its roots in summoning, demons and other fiendish beings.

  • Summon powerful fiends
  • Sell your soul for extraordinary power
  • Torture your foes
  • Rituals make excellent plot hooks
  • And so much more!

New month, New releases!

Welcome back! We've been furiously flogging our laptops, producing new content for you games! Released today, we have D20 Generator: Asian Names. This one page document is perfect for the GM that quickly needs to come up with a believable Asian name for an NPC. There are 20 male names, 20 female names and 20 family names from Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, and Portugal. With a couple quick rolls, you've got the name for anyone you might need.

Also, we have another free sample! Occult Rituals: Corrupting Chant let's you twist the soul of your enemy and change their very outlook on life. This is an occult ritual that uses rules from Pathfinder Role Play Game's Occult Adventures book. This sample ritual comes from our next release, Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon Vol 2: Fiends, which should be out 2/15/16, so be ready for that.

Now, I've got to get back to the work, these PDFs don't edit themselves!

It's back from the dead!

Our first full release, Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon Vol. 1: Undead, is out at DriveThruRPG! Follow the link to check it out!


That is not dead which can eternal lie.
Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon brings magic to the people with the help of Pathfinder Role Playing Game's Occult Adventures. Now, non-spellcasters can bring magic to unlife given time, skill, and the proper equipment. Inside this book, you will find twelve Occult Rituals, which any player class can use to cast spells. These rituals are thematiclly linked to the Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead. Each ritual has it's roots in life, death and the living dead.
  • Give yourself vampire-like abilities
  • Raise dead allies or undead minions
  • Break free from mortality altogether
  • Rituals make excellent plot hooks
  • And so much more!

Our First Release!

Yay us! We've released the first free sample of our upcoming book "Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon Vol 1: Undead" on RPGDriveThru! If you'd like to see what Vampire's Flesh can do for you, read up on how Occult Rituals work, and download this free ritual. Occult Rituals are part of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game, and can be found in the bookOccult Adventures released by Paizo Inc.

What are we doing again?

Greetings, and Happy New Year!

I'm happy to announce that Epic Level NPC is now an LLC, licensed in the state of Indiana. Why would we need to be an LLC? Well, we're currently working on producing our first Pathfinder RPG supplemental book! If you aren't familiar with Pathfinders Occult Adventures book, I suggest you check it out. We'll be releasing our supplement for that product as soon as we get the licensing figured out.


Hey you! Yeah, you, reading this right now, you didn't just come into existence to read this, did you? Of course not! You've been around for a while. You've had years of school, and experiences that have made you who you are. Guess what? Your gaming characters should have a history too! There's a reason rangers hate a species so much they get bonuses to attack them. Your wizard has years of training and education under their belts.

Maybe you're not super-creative. Maybe you're just stuck. There's a Random Background Generator app! Just fill in a few pieces of info, and it generates your basic history.

Rather do this yourself? There's a few points you should try covering.

Does your character have any family? Who's important to them? Have there been any deaths, and if so, from what? How does this effect your character?

What happened to your character when they were young? Did they have to work? Did they go to school? Was there a trip abroad?

What happened to get them into adventuring? How did they train to reach this point in their lives?

One last point, how did they meet other party members? Is someone in the party family or a friend? Do they know more that one party member?


So, you're having a good time playing an RPG with your friends when an argument comes up. You think a rule works one way, but someone else thinks it works another. Or, maybe the party just can't agree on what to do in a given situation. You could spend the next couple hours arguing, which no one came over to do, or, you can try getting past the problem.

How can you get past these problems? Here's a couple ideas.


Recognize that the other players and the GM see the situation differently than you. Their characters see the world differently than yours does, they also have different desires than yours as well. Is there any common ground that you and the other person share? Maybe the party needs to retrieve the whatchamacallit from the evil wizard. The rogue wants to sneak in and steal it, but the barbarian feels like fighting their way to the wizard for a duel. You have a common goal, the whatchamacallit, so why not try both approaches? The barbarian leads a frontal assault which keeps the wizard busy, while the rogue sneaks in through the back. This way, you get past the sticking point of whose plan to use, and can keep on gaming.

Make a Deal

Another way to handle a problem could be to give the other party something that they want. Lets use our example from above. You still need the magical whatchamacallit. The barbarian still wants to charge the front. The rogue still doesn't like this idea. So, maybe the rogue offers to help the barbarian with reclaiming a lost family heirloom later, for trying the stealthy tactic now. It's like a game of Let's Make a Deal, without the costumes.... maybe.

Just remember, keep calm and stay respectful. These are your your friends and fellow gamers. With a little work, we can all get along and get through the problem together.


Are you a gamer using miniatures? Maybe you play Warhammer 40,000, or just love using maps and minis. How much do those minis cost you? A (very) quick check on Amazon shows space marines costing around $36 for a box of 10. So, that's around $3.60 per marine. There are a few website out there were you can order custom made figures. HeroForge (who I'm in love with!) offers customizable figures starting at $15 and going up to $100 if you want your figure made in bronze. So, that $15 for a figure, but it's customized which is cool. I've recently spoken to someone that owns a 3D printer. According to him, he can print 10 space marines for about $5. For those doing the math, that's about $0.50 per marine. He said it takes about 30 minutes to print them, and the quality is almost as good as what he can buy.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you invest anywhere between $300 and $2000 on a 3D printer just for making figures, but if you're really into miniatures, it may save you a ton of money in the long term. You can make figures, castles, ships and various other pieces over the weekend for that really BA table gaming.